Signature Tea Mocktail

上海百合, Shanghai Lily HK$42
An oriental mix of lychee, grapefruit honey, mango juice, chrysanthemum tea and 7 Up, garnished with fresh mint
薄荷茶莫吉托, Mint Tea Mojito HK$42
Fresh pineapple muddled with mint leaves and fresh lime, topped with ginger ale and ceylon tea
芒果茶桑格利亞, Mango Tea Sangria HK$42
A unique mix of fresh mango, strawberry, lemon, orange juice, 7 Up and Snapple mango tea
百香果檸檬, Passion Fruit Lemonade HK$42
Passion fruit doused in jasmine tea with pink guava, lime juice, soda and Snapple pink lemonade
綠茶沙冰, Green Tea Smoothie HK$42
Coconut milk blended with Snapple green tea, served with tapioca pearls and sweeten red beans

All prices are subject to 10% service charge.