Seafood 江河海鮮

麵醬毛豆肉蟹炒年糕 HK$388
Sautéed Mud Crab & Glutinous Rice Cake with Brown Bean Sauce & Edamame
女兒紅花雕蛋白蒸蟹 HK$388
Steamed Mud Crab with Egg White & Aged Shaoxing Huadiao
炒蝦蟹 HK$198
Sautéed River Shrimps with Crab Meat & Crab Roe
清炒蝦仁 HK$168
Sautéed Unshelled Shrimps
龍井蝦仁 HK$168
Sautéed Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves
酒釀乾燒明蝦 (六隻) HK$158
Dry-braised Prawns with Fermented Rice Wine (2 pieces)
清蒸鰣魚 時價 Market Price
Steamed Hilsa Herring 
(需預定 Pre-order is required)
松子桂花魚 HK$198
Sweet & Sour Mandarin Fish
雪裡紅白汁蒸黃花魚 HK$188
Steamed King Fish with Preserved Potherb Mustard
雪裡紅炒黃魚柳 HK$168
Stir-fried King Fish Fillet with Pine Nuts & Preserved Potherb Mustard
砂鍋粉皮千島大魚頭 HK$168
Braised Qiandao Lake Fish Head & Green Bean Sheet Jelly in Clay Pot
三鮮窩巴 HK$168
Sizzling Rice Cracker with Prawns, Scallops & Sea Cucumber
淮揚軟兜 (鱔)  HK$138
Huaiyang Style Stewed Eel
香酥牙帶魚 HK$138
Crisp Fried Hairtail
椒鹽小黃魚(兩條) HK$98
Salt & Pepper Baby Yellow Croaker (2 pieces)

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